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Liberian Presidential Inspection of SKD Sports Complex Renovation Project

Source:   Inputtime:2018.03.06   


       On March 6, Mrs. Sirleaf, President of Liberia inspected the SKD Sports Complex Renovation Project undertaken by the Group in Monrovia. This project is the first Chinese foreign aid project awarded to the Group.
        It is reported that on March 8, the World Conference on Women will be held at the SKD Sports Complex, when President Sirleaf and women representatives from other countries will attend the meeting. To ensure the successful convening of the meeting, both managers and workers of the project department worked overtime until late at night to coordinate the arrangements of the conference venues. Their earnest and responsible working attitude was highly praised by the President Sirleaf and ministers of Liberia.
      Construction of the project includes: demolition and re-construction of the west stand steel shed and lighthouse, renovation of all stands waterproof, local rooms, football and track field, replacement of the display and timing scoring system, repair of sound reinforcement system and security monitoring system, renovation of tennis courts and training venues. At present, the project has completed construction tasks and is preparing for completion acceptance. (Tian Shuangqing, Zhang Zhanfei)

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