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Groundbreaking Ceremony of China-aided Kindergarten

Source:   Inputtime:2018.03.06   


      On April 25 (Jamaica time), the groundbreaking ceremony for China-aided Kindergarten Project undertaken by Hebei Construction Group was held in Kingston, the capital of Jamaica. Chinese Ambassador Niu Qingbao, Counselor Fan Jianghong, Jamaican Prime Minister Holmes, Minister of Education, Youth Information Reid attended the ceremony, as well as project team of HBCG, the management team of IPPR, and the major local Chinese-funded enterprises.
      At the groundbreaking ceremony, Ambassador Niu Qingbao and Prime Minister Holmes delivered speeches respectively emphasizing the importance of the project and encouraged our Group to complete the project on schedule with both quality and quantity.
      The 15-month project of Jamaica Kindergarten Project with a total building area of 2,820 square meters is another foreign aid project undertaken by our Group following the renovation project of SKD Sports Complex in Liberia and the Technology Transformation Project in Namhŭng-yŏk, North Korea. It also represents the Group's foreign aid market has further expanded to Latin America from Africa and Asia. (HBCG International, Fan Jiewu)
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