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    Hebei Construction Group International Engineering Co., Ltd. ( for which the predecessor was Foreign Affairs Department of Hebei Provincial Construction Engineering Bureau, and hereinafter referred to as "HBCG International") was approved and established in May 2014 by the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of People's Government of Hebei Province. HBCG International is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hebei Construction Group(“HBCG”), being mainly engaged in foreign project contracting, foreign labor service cooperation and international trade. In September of 2015, HBCG International obtained the AEO senior certification.

    HBCG International, as the overseas business management platform of HBCG, plays an important role in overseas business development of the Group and the carrying-out the Group’s “Going Global” strategy. The establishment of HBCG International is a milestone for Group’s overseas business being on the path of corporatization, specialization and brand development. HBCG has undertaken construction projects in Russia, Mongolia, Cambodia, Syria, Iraq, Ethiopia, Chad, Pakistan, Japan, Nigeria, Tanzania, Qatar, Venezuela, Liberia, Zambia, Jamaica, Uzbekistan, etc. All projects undertaken by HBCG International have been completed with high quality and efficiency, and to great satisfaction of local government and departments.
   With regard to foreign labor service, HBCG International has dispatched over 10,000 professionals to Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Venezuela, Cameroon, Tanzania, Nigeria, Liberia, Ethiopia, etc.

    With regard to international trade, the "IRON" FRP products, color brick & tile mold box, glass-type lightweight high-strength tile, assembled prefabricated boards and other products have been exported to more than 20 countries and regions including Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, Uruguay, etc. HBCG International has imported leather and other products with accumulated value of more than 200 million RMB.

    As the Group's only agency for overseas operation and with support from all sides, the carrying-out of “Going Global” strategy will proceed faster and more stable. 


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