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Wang Yi, Foreign Minister of China, inspected the China-aided project in Liberia undertaken by HBCG

Source:   Inputtime:2018.03.06   


        Local time at 4:00 on August 9, Wang Yi, Foreign Minister of China, during his visit to Liberia, made a special trip with Zhang Yue, Chinese Ambassador to Liberia, to HBCG's construction site of Liberia SKD Sports Complex Renovation Project for inspection.
        Minister Wang Yi inquired about the project cost, construction preparation and progress, project duration and other conditions of SKD Sports Complex in detail and expressed his greetings to all the staff and workers participating in the project.
        Minister Wang Yi's visit made the construction workers further enhance the sense of honor and responsibility for the country. The construction workers of the project said that they will devote more enthusiasm into construction and all kinds of work so as to ensure the successful completion of construction tasks.
        The SKD project in Liberia is the first foreign aid project by BHCH, which was awarded to the Group in May 2014. In August 2014, the project was suspended for Ebola. The project was resumed in May this year and the construction commenced on July 8. At present, the dismantling of lighthouses and light signboards has been completed and the awning dismantling is underway, with a total output value of 8.62 million RMB yuan. (Tian Shuangqing, Fan Jiewu)

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