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New Breakthrough of HBCG under the “One Belt One Road” Initiative

Source:   Inputtime:2018.03.06   


        The contract for Modernization    and   Rehabilitation    of  Kuyu   Mazar   and  Kizil   Tepa  Pump Stations (“Project”) under the Amu Bukhara Irrigation System Rehabilitation Project came into force on September 20, 2017. With the Contract signed on December 21, 2016 with Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources of Uzbekistan(the “Employer”), the above Project is funded by Asian Development Bank(ADB). The Contract has been registered with State Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan for Investments on July 12, 2017. The main work scope of the project includes the renovation and construction of two pumping stations, i.e. KUYU MAZAR and KIZIL TEPA, the supply and installation of mechanical and electrical equipment, and auxiliary construction, as well as 6KW and 10KW power supply systems. The project is located in central Uzbekistan and serves approximately 315,000 hectares of irrigated land in Bukhara Province, Uzbekistan. The total Project contract amount is 84.86 million U.S. dollars. The project duration is 36 months (1095 days) and the completion date of all the works shall be September 19, 2020.
        This project is the first time that HBCG participated in the bidding for international projects of international financial organizations and the tendering began by the Republic of Uzbekistan on February 11, 2016. During the tendering process, HBCG and other 15 competing companies participated in the bidding. With Careful preparation, flexible strategy and perseverance of HBCG International, the Project was awarded to HBCG. Great importance has been attached to the signing and effectiveness of the Project contract by relevant departments of Uzbekistan Government. HBCG International's major leaders and project teams travelled to Uzbekistan many times and conducted rounds of negotiations with the Employer, which result in the successful completion of the follow-up contract registration, prepayment collection and other work. Currently, HBCG International is fully engaged in the Project design, procurement and pre-construction preparation work to ensure compliance with schedule and successful completion of the construction of this Project, thus to establish good reputation for HBCG’s brand image in Uzbekistan.
       Uzbekistan was one of the first countries to support and participate in the “One Belt One Road” construction. Construction of the “One Belt One Road”has become the most important driving force for China-Ukraine cooperation. In particular, with the advancing of the “One Belt One Road”Initiative, China and Central Asian countries have enjoyed booming opportunities of cooperation. There is potential in the international engineering contracting market in Uzbekistan to develop, with focuses on pumping stations, highways and sewage treatment plants and other infrastructure projects, the features of which is in line with the overseas strategic development plan of HBCG. Taking this project as a starting point, HBCG will follow the country's “One Belt One Road”Initiative to engage in Uzbekistan's general contracting market and continue to contribute to the “One Belt One Road”Initiative.  (By Yao Ye)

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