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The Glazed Tiles is a kind of newest environment-protect building material and without asbestos.It has many characters such as:high strength,good shock resistance,light weight and colourful surface.It can be drilled,sawn,tacked and installed easily,promptly.The laboratory testing shows that the glazed tiles can be long lasting more than 15years,the composite membrane glazed tiles can be long lasting more than25-30years.The aluminium foil glazed tiles can be long lasting more than 50years.
  • Parameter
  • Details
    Product Specification:
    Length :1800mm 2400mm 3000mm 5800mm    Width:960±10mm 720±10mm 
    Thickness:5.0mm±0.5mm 4.0mm±0.5mm    Average Weight:26kg/pc 13.5kg/pc 
    Horizontal Breakage:>2400N/M    Vertical Breakage:>300N/M Water Absorption:<14% 
    Water Resistant:no seepage soaking for 96 hours 
    Inflaming Retarding:no ignition combusting in 760±28℃flame for 30minutes 
    Shock Resistant:Do not craze,peel off,penetrate on the surface after 1kg iron ball on it from 1.5m height.

    Product Character:

    Anti-flaming,Water resistant,Typhoon proof ,Earthquake proof,Bryophyte proof,Corrosion-resistant,Alkali-resistant,Heat-insulation,Sound insulation.

    Applied Scope:

    The product can be applied to construct workshops,warehouses,garage,flats,market shed and feeding-house of all trades.It also can be used as the roofing and outer wall of temporary building.


Tel: 0311-68092827


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